Twitter brand monitoring with intelligence tracks your brand mentions and alerts you to feedback, support issues & more.
You'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Free for startups.

Email alerts

Email alerts keep you in the loop

Be the first to know when you're talked about - be alerted with support issues, user questions & more.

More signal, less noise

Recon's algorithms automatically find the important tweets, like criticism, praise and user questions, to save you time.

Smart algorithms
Integrates with Google Analytics

Insightful analytics

Recon hooks up with Google Analytics to show you exactly
how much traffic each tweet sends you.

Get more press for your business

When a journalist tweets about your brand or industry, alerts you. Our database of journalists is growing every day.

Get more press for your business
Your Twitter brand monitoring dashboard

Your dashboard keeps it all together

If a tweet mentions your brand, you'll find it cleverly analysed & neatly stored on your simple, beautifully designed dashboard.