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What is is a Twitter brand monitoring tool that allows you to easily track what people are saying about your company or your products. It constantly checks Twitter to find new mentions of your keyword, analyses each tweet and alerts you whenever it finds anything important. It sifts through the noise to only surface the tweets that you need to see.

Who would find this useful?

There's a huge number of use cases for this, which include:

  • Companies who want a convenient way of seeing what customers think about their brand
  • Tech companies who want to be alerted to support issues, feature requests & user questions
  • Companies that want to provide elegant customer support via social media
  • Movie studios who want to track what people think of their films
  • Games publishers who want to improve future releases based on current feedback
  • Small companies & startups who want to track their competitor's feedback

How does it work? runs hourly to pick up the latest tweets about a tracked keyword. A variety of algorithms are then used to analyse each tweet. can detect support issues, feature requests, user questions, press mentions and investor mentions, as well as determining the sentiment of each tweet.

Who built was built by Dave Peiris (@sharkseo), a search marketer and coder who has spent most of his career working with startups, small and large businesses to help them perform better online.

How do I contact you?

You can email me at, or by tweeting at @tryrecon.

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