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Free for startups

We're excited to announce that, as of today, is free for startups.

January, 2013 / Continue reading.


Recursive Apps

Lately, I've been thinking about the idea of software that builds or improves itself.

December, 2012 / Continue reading.


Testing your UI

As a developer, you probably test your code to make sure it works, but how often do you get people to test your user interface?

November, 2012 / Continue reading.


Version 1.0

It's been 3 months since first launched in beta, and the app has been stress-tested, tweaked & tuned heavily.

November, 2012 / Continue reading.


We want your customers to be happy

With, we want your customers to be happy. We want to make people who use your app, product or website love your brand, talk about you on Twitter and recommend you to their friends.

August, 2012 / Continue reading.

~ monitors brand mentions on Twitter and alerts you to feedback, support issues and more. See the demo in action.