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Free for startups

We're excited to announce that, as of today, is free for startups.

When went live, the aim was to provide a Twitter brand monitoring service that businesses found useful - something that saved them time, effort and helped them to make their customers (and future customers) happier.

But the pricing model was flawed - tracking brand mentions for a small startup that gets a handful of mentions each month would have cost the same as a huge company that gets millions of brand mentions each month, like Google. That was clearly broken.

As of today, we've fixed that, and we're really pleased to announce that our new Startup plan is free, forever. The Startup plan is perfect for businesses, side projects or individuals who get less than 500 brand mentions on Twitter each month.

We're really excited to be able to offer something that startups can find useful in their day to day work, to help provide even better customer support and to have happier users. You can check out our new pricing plans here.

January, 2013

~ monitors brand mentions on Twitter and alerts you to feedback, support issues and more. See the demo in action.