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We want your customers to be happy

Today, we're really excited to ship Recon.io. With Recon.io, we want your customers to be happy.

We want to make people who use your app, product or website love your brand, talk about you on Twitter and recommend you to their friends.

We want to do this by making it easier and simpler for you to hear what they're saying, answer their questions, solve their support issues and listen to their feedback. We've always thought that giving truly exceptional customer support - by going above and beyond to help - is one of the best ways to become a company that people like and recommend to their friends.

Recon.io monitors Twitter for mentions of your brand and then alerts you whenever anything interesting pops up. Instead of emailing you every time you're mentioned, Recon.io analyses each tweet and only emails you if it's something that you might like to act on. If a customer has a question, runs into a support issue or has a feature request, Recon.io can notify you minutes after it's been tweeted.

And we don't stop there. We also want to help you get more press coverage for your startup or small business. Whenever a journalist tweets about either your brand or the industry you're in, Recon.io can alert you - so you can help them out, answer their questions and make a great impression.

Recon.io is designed to help you become a brand that people know and love.

If you have any feedback, questions, ideas or just want a chat, I'd love to hear from you - email dave@recon.io, or tweet @tryrecon.

August, 2012


Recon.io monitors brand mentions on Twitter and alerts you to feedback, support issues and more. See the demo in action.