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Version 1.0

It's been 3 months since first launched in beta, and the app has been stress-tested, tweaked & tuned heavily.

I built to make it easier to track what was being said about your company and products on Twitter in a smarter way. Instead of showing you all the noise, I wanted to make sure that it cut out all the spam, and intelligently categorised each tweet so it only alerted you to the important ones.

Since launching, tons of data has been gathered on how it's used, how it interacts with Twitter's API and how well it can deal with running hundreds of campaigns at once. Data has been collected and analysed on how accurate the algorithms are, and the app has been steadily refined and polished.

Now these points of data make a beautiful line, and we're out of beta, we're releasing on time. I'm happy to say that Recon is now in version 1.0, and the doors are open for subscribers.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to everyone who helped beta test Recon, to anyone who emailed or tweeted about it and to everyone who left feedback on Hacker News. It's people like you who make building and launching software so rewarding.

November, 2012

~ monitors brand mentions on Twitter and alerts you to feedback, support issues and more. See the demo in action.