About the Journal

The Dyke is a refereed journal that publishes original articles from the fields of Social
Sciences, Commerce, Humanities and Education.

Submission information


Format and organization
Types of manuscripts

Original research articles from empirical investigation, high quality review articles, case studies, expository essays and first-hand experiences in the fields of social sciences, arts, humanities and commerce may be considered. Short communication or preliminary results of important research and news items may be submitted.

Manuscripts should normally be 6000-8000 words including references and appendices. Book reviews, preliminary results of important research, and news items, should not normally exceed 1000 words.

Submitted articles will, normally, be independently assessed by three referees. Authors bear sole responsibility for the factual accuracy of their articles.

Article structure
 The title should be  bolded and centred. It should be short, concise, accurate and informative bearing name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s) and e-mail address. The abstract  should be one paragraph of not more than 300 words. At least four key words that describe the subject matter of the article should accompany the abstract.

The following structure will normally be prefered with clear heading denoting:
Introduction (Including literature review) - State the objectives of the work and provide an adequate background and a review of literature. Authors are expected to confine this section to the title and objectives of the paper and avoid the inclusion of irrelevant information.
Matrials & Methods (METHODOLOGY) – This section should be as detailed as possible.
Results & Discussions: The results should be clear and concise. Sub-headings are encouraged in this section.

Conclusion & Recommendations -Main conclusions and recommendations of the study should be presented in a short section that stands alone.

REFERENCES-Provide a detailed list of the literature cited in the text. Ensure that all references cited in the text are listed in the references section and that any reference not cited in the text should not be listed. Use the APA style of referencing.

English (British) e.g   /-ise/ instead of /-ize/

NB: Use Arial Font Size 12, Spacing 1.5