Foreword to The Dyke Special Issue 4, Gender


  • Umali Saidi Midlands State University


Gender-based violence, higher and tertiary, research, sexual harrassment


The Midlands State University Gender Institute hosted a Conference from the 5th to the 6th of October 2022, themed Combating Gender-Based Violence in Tertiary Institutions resulting in the production of this special issue of The Dyke Journal. Herein are a collection of research-based papers on Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Harassment in Institutions of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe. In this Special Issue, 4 of The Dyke Journal, are articles authored by researchers from universities polytechnics, and a teacher education college in Zimbabwe. In their quest to create awareness of the importance of gender in research in higher education, the authors tackle Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Sexual Harassment (SH), a specific form of GBV, in Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) in Zimbabwe.


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